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Our Team


Tim Petteford

Born and raised in beautiful Sonoma County, Tim was raised with our small-town values and innovative views of environmental conservation. Tim is the father of a beautiful little man who is enrolled in a Sebastopol school. Their future and that of Sonoma County is one that Tim is trying to secure through cutting-edge construction methods that will help to protect our futures and keep our area beautiful.


Tony Vicini

Tony Vicini was raised in the redwoods of Forestville. Here his love for wood and his unique reclaimed wood style began. Moving from one beautiful place to another, Tony moved to Lake Tahoe after high school. Upon arriving, he landed a job the first day working in construction, and he’s never looked back. His career has led him up and down the West Coast where he has worked on anything from cabins in Tahoe to condos in LA and everything in between. This mixture of styles and techniques has given Tony a very unique style and the ability to integrate materials in a way that is new and beautiful.
20160803_17390320160806_111429We offer Drought Tolerant Landscapes, Hardscape Construction, Pergola and Patio Furniture and so much more!